Merry Christmas!!!

Adorable mask from my Grandma! We had fun with these!!



Christmas in Hawaii: Part I

Well, we have been here for about a week now. It's the end of our trip here in lovely Hawaii but there are so many things to tell. With the small bit of vacation money I had I bought a few things that I wanted for myself. That is something I haven't been able to do that much this semester so it felt fantastic!
First of all, let's talk shoes. The Macy's sale this time of year is a magical place. I bought these shoes for around 50% off. They are Michael Kors (SP/SM 2011) strappy sandals. Ever since I saw a post in Atlantic-Pacific and Kelly Frammel's blogs I have had this overwhelming desire to buy a pair for myself. These are super classy and leg-lengthening in a gorgeous nude hue. But my favorite detail would have to be the braiding.
Perhaps even more major however, is the "Golden Hat" powder, which Lancome released for this holiday season. Unlike the Chanel Holiday shimmer pallet, this one actually does what it says it does: it makes skin brilliant. It also makes you feel great too because a percentage of the proceeds go towards funding Austism research. : ) At just $42 bucks (compare to Chanel's $72- blech!) this compact is not only a steal but also a true-to-value piece.
There will be more photos of the Hawaiian landscape (and merchandiscape) to follow!


Adorable eyes

I just found this lil cutie on the ASOS beauty page. With all of the crazy and amazing beauty palettes coming out for the holiday season (Chanel, Dior, even Guerlain) it's nice to know that we can still find these little pleasures which won't cost us between $70 and $80 dollars. Being on a college budget can be tight!


Fall/Winter 2011: Desires

As much as I love Summer, I'm ready for Fall and Winter to start. In general I'd have to say that estas son mis estaciones favoritas! I basically like to be able to wear more clothing and thus experiment with more trends. This season I have an itch to try out unas modas de España. Specifically, the gaucho pant and the lace skirt. Both of these trends are featured prominently in Latino and Spanish art from the 1600s to the 1800s as we can see from the Goya painting of the neurotic yet lovely Duchess of Alba and the photograph of the Gaucho from 1870. I'm also a huge fan of Diego Velasquez, who we can see not only had fabulous facial hair, but wore the traditional black and red court attire of Spain. While black, red, and white are probably used more frequently than any other colors for anyone's wardrobe here in America, they are rarely paired together unless the occasion is special enough to merit such striking contrasts. Think about it: the black tuxedo originated in Spain and is now mainly used for formal occasions: the red tie, now known as "the power tie", is worn mainly by CEOs and patrician politicians. If you wanted to really read into it, I suppose that you might say that the context in which all three colors are worn together has little changed since the days of the Spanish court: red, white and black are for the rich and famous. With all that said, It's not just the Spanish color palette that I would like to try out this season, but also the above mentioned attire. The lace skirt and gaucho pant are much more wearable for the average plebeian- and are not too in-your-face about being classy.
Exhibit 1 is a culotte (this is the equivalent of what we call the "gaucho") from ASOS. I love the taupe color because it can be worn with anything. A black shirt or brown boots would look fantastic with this piece. Needless to say, I will be ordering this gorgeous number with my next paycheck!
Exhibit 2 was just featured on Cherry Blossom Girl a few weeks ago. It is a black lace maxi skirt by Free People. Fear not, shoppers, because even though it is see-through there are lots of ways to wear this piece. Black tights could be interesting with this for Fall and you could definitely wear this with a black or nude slip. Unlike the gauchos- this skirt is not for the office, but is still a trend worthy of trying.



Versace ad Campaign Fall 2011

fashiongonerogue photos from this morning!!
This has to be one of my favorite ad campaigns for next season. I love the mixture of hard, angular military garb with the soft malleability of lustrous gold: it's very if-only-Napoleon-had-been-a-leggy-brunette. But also, that feathered dress is impeccable- I have never wanted to wear feathers so badly! And the quilted leather bag??? I would buy a knock-off if they weren't usually sold to profit organized crime... But today's favorite is the purple outfit. The amazing collar alludes to royalty from the Tudor dynasty (Elizabeth I) but the gold necklace is just such a work of art. Vive Versace! And we are all so looking forward to Versace's collaborations with H&M which will be coming out November 17 of this year.



Alexis Mabille gown

Fashiongasm!!! Dita wore the dress on the right at Versailles for Paris Fashion Week. And I must say- only the incomparable Dita could pull off such an elaborate gown. I absolutely adore her sense of fashion because she brings such elegance to whatever pieces she wears. And who else could pull off pale skin and throbbing red lips?
I hope she wears that red silk piece on the left, a Zac Posen no less, to a premier. A deep purple or lavender would contrast so well with the red carpet and the space-age flashy numbers we've seen in the past year (worn by Jennifer Lopez as seen here http://media.photobucket.com/image/jennifer%20lopez%202010/DyandraBrown/JenniferLopez2010GrammyAwardsTheNin.jpg). There's nothing wrong with modern silhouettes but I'm personally kind of a purist. I adore the 1940s Hollywood glam look that we've gotten to see on Dita and other stars like Evan Rachel Wood in TrueBlood and Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Reem Acra dress at the BAFTA Gala. The forties were a really interesting time in fashion, a time to which designers like Lagerfeld and Versace frequently allude because the silhouettes so emphasized the female shape and its power.
So thank you Dita for bringing your Midas touch wherever you go!



Recent Purchase: the wood ring.

Just what is it about Target's clearance bins that is so appealing? Well, this ring definitely. I bought it for $3 in the jewelry clearance bin a couple of weeks ago. It goes with everything but gives a definite hippie vibe that isn't as overstated as say, feather earrings. Not to mention that it's the ideal accent to any Saturday-casual dressing. I accidentally built my outfit around it this morning as my mom and I ventured out to our local farmers' market. It was the perfect complement to my new distressed cropped Artist jeans from American Eagle (which my adorable boyfriend purchased for me, <3 ) and a white Alexander Wang tee which my sis gave me. No pictures of my outfit as I am a sweaty mess from the near hundred-degree heat at 8:30 this morning!



Dia de los Muertos

Ok, I just found these on Etsy. Adorable no? These are HAND PAINTED by ccriots of
Atlanta, GA, USA. This is so much better than your average skater shoe. Vans has been creating new patterns for their slip-ons, which is awesome, but I wish they would do something like this. Soooo thinking about buying these....


Just Purchased: YSL VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY in 04 Succulent Pomegranate

This glossy balm does everything that the Sugar balms from Fresh (which I referred to previously) cannot. I know I've been badmouthing the Sugar balms, and I feel so bad- I loooove Fresh. But what boggles my mind is just how many people love Fresh's Sugar balms. Anyway, with all that said, these YSL gloss sticks are the exact opposite. They deliver gorgeous sheer color with an amazing sheen that lasts for quite a while. These really are worth the money but go to the store and try a couple shades on your hand. I was torn between No. 4 (the one I got) and No. 2 Dewy Papaya. That second shade is very pretty and is a nice summer shade. I have heard from a couple friends who bought these that No. 4 flatters pretty much everyone. It's also perfect for every season in my opinion. If you're like me, then you make splurges on items that are worth your time and save on everything else. This is a great buy, just swipe on some tinted moisturizer, a bit of powder, mascara and your YSL gloss balm and you have a fresh look ready for the day!

THE shoes

I saw these posted on the Glamourai a week ago and I am in love! These are so luxuriant and so reminiscent of court fashions from Renaissance Spain. Apparently these are Prada so, for the moment, I am outta luck. But if anyone sees any velvet damask high heels, message me!



my newest obsession: Anna Sui Lipsticks

Urban Outfitter's website now has a profusion of beauty products from the Anna Sui line. I haven't been able to find these little gems anywhere else online yet. I was in love with the scent of their lipsticks and glosses when I was a teen and here they are, back again.

The Dolly Girl Lipstick features an outer container which mirrors the kind of design we would expect from a Matrioshka (hope I didn't butcher that spelling...) doll. These come in shades like "Blue", "Red" and "Yellow" but the photos of the actual pigments are red, pink and an orangey-coral. The choice to name these after primary colors is a great idea, but ultimately it makes for a kind of confusing sales pitch. This was my one diatribe today. The only other complaints others had were either "the color does not last too long" or "it makes my lips dry". This is a very common complaint with any lipstick. Come on ladies! Bust out some Carmex. This is not your first rodeo! Don't waste your time with an expensive product like Fresh's Sugar balms. Those wear off faster than any product I have ever used and are useless in winter. I recommend going with a very generic brand like Chapstick. Save your money for Fresh's incredible lip glosses and, of course, for Anna Sui's adorable lipsticks.
It's a good thing Urban picked up Anna Sui brand. It's such a shame Anna Sui products aren't sold in Sephora or Ulta. Sad for me because I strongly dislike being forced to buy beauty products blind, without having seen them in stores. Sigh, I don't take myself too seriously, but lipstick, now that is serious business. Gosh I hope that sentiment doesn't bar me from the intellectual community.



Genius shoes from Victor & Rolf

I think that Vermeer and Rogier Van der Weyden would be pleased. No this trend is not something that will be catching on any time soon. But it's a very playful take on Holland's historical shoe. I love, love, love when people take something historical or practical and give it an update!


Valentines Day at the Car Show!!

These are photos taken by my boyfriend at the recent Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Center. The concept car at the bottom was so long we were unable to fit it in a single shot. It came complete with its own Louis Vuitton suitcase and luggage which were built into the trunk of the car itself. The color applied to the body utilized 10 layers of silver powder coated with steel gray paint. If this baby could actually drive, I would sell everything and buy it!


Wow, "Tangled". There is so much to say about this movie. I heard that the designers intentionally alluded to Fragonard's "The Swing" During the design process to make the movie look very painterly. As much as I complained about some strange historical anachronisms during the movie (I am well aware that this is a kids movie) their combination of 18th century Austrian and Bavarian architecture with Medieval costuming worked so very well. It seems as though the artists at Disney are really stepping it up! Let's hope for more colorful retellings of classic fairy tales.