Genius shoes from Victor & Rolf

I think that Vermeer and Rogier Van der Weyden would be pleased. No this trend is not something that will be catching on any time soon. But it's a very playful take on Holland's historical shoe. I love, love, love when people take something historical or practical and give it an update!


Valentines Day at the Car Show!!

These are photos taken by my boyfriend at the recent Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Center. The concept car at the bottom was so long we were unable to fit it in a single shot. It came complete with its own Louis Vuitton suitcase and luggage which were built into the trunk of the car itself. The color applied to the body utilized 10 layers of silver powder coated with steel gray paint. If this baby could actually drive, I would sell everything and buy it!


Wow, "Tangled". There is so much to say about this movie. I heard that the designers intentionally alluded to Fragonard's "The Swing" During the design process to make the movie look very painterly. As much as I complained about some strange historical anachronisms during the movie (I am well aware that this is a kids movie) their combination of 18th century Austrian and Bavarian architecture with Medieval costuming worked so very well. It seems as though the artists at Disney are really stepping it up! Let's hope for more colorful retellings of classic fairy tales.