Dia de los Muertos

Ok, I just found these on Etsy. Adorable no? These are HAND PAINTED by ccriots of
Atlanta, GA, USA. This is so much better than your average skater shoe. Vans has been creating new patterns for their slip-ons, which is awesome, but I wish they would do something like this. Soooo thinking about buying these....


Just Purchased: YSL VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY in 04 Succulent Pomegranate

This glossy balm does everything that the Sugar balms from Fresh (which I referred to previously) cannot. I know I've been badmouthing the Sugar balms, and I feel so bad- I loooove Fresh. But what boggles my mind is just how many people love Fresh's Sugar balms. Anyway, with all that said, these YSL gloss sticks are the exact opposite. They deliver gorgeous sheer color with an amazing sheen that lasts for quite a while. These really are worth the money but go to the store and try a couple shades on your hand. I was torn between No. 4 (the one I got) and No. 2 Dewy Papaya. That second shade is very pretty and is a nice summer shade. I have heard from a couple friends who bought these that No. 4 flatters pretty much everyone. It's also perfect for every season in my opinion. If you're like me, then you make splurges on items that are worth your time and save on everything else. This is a great buy, just swipe on some tinted moisturizer, a bit of powder, mascara and your YSL gloss balm and you have a fresh look ready for the day!

THE shoes

I saw these posted on the Glamourai a week ago and I am in love! These are so luxuriant and so reminiscent of court fashions from Renaissance Spain. Apparently these are Prada so, for the moment, I am outta luck. But if anyone sees any velvet damask high heels, message me!



my newest obsession: Anna Sui Lipsticks

Urban Outfitter's website now has a profusion of beauty products from the Anna Sui line. I haven't been able to find these little gems anywhere else online yet. I was in love with the scent of their lipsticks and glosses when I was a teen and here they are, back again.

The Dolly Girl Lipstick features an outer container which mirrors the kind of design we would expect from a Matrioshka (hope I didn't butcher that spelling...) doll. These come in shades like "Blue", "Red" and "Yellow" but the photos of the actual pigments are red, pink and an orangey-coral. The choice to name these after primary colors is a great idea, but ultimately it makes for a kind of confusing sales pitch. This was my one diatribe today. The only other complaints others had were either "the color does not last too long" or "it makes my lips dry". This is a very common complaint with any lipstick. Come on ladies! Bust out some Carmex. This is not your first rodeo! Don't waste your time with an expensive product like Fresh's Sugar balms. Those wear off faster than any product I have ever used and are useless in winter. I recommend going with a very generic brand like Chapstick. Save your money for Fresh's incredible lip glosses and, of course, for Anna Sui's adorable lipsticks.
It's a good thing Urban picked up Anna Sui brand. It's such a shame Anna Sui products aren't sold in Sephora or Ulta. Sad for me because I strongly dislike being forced to buy beauty products blind, without having seen them in stores. Sigh, I don't take myself too seriously, but lipstick, now that is serious business. Gosh I hope that sentiment doesn't bar me from the intellectual community.