my newest obsession: Anna Sui Lipsticks

Urban Outfitter's website now has a profusion of beauty products from the Anna Sui line. I haven't been able to find these little gems anywhere else online yet. I was in love with the scent of their lipsticks and glosses when I was a teen and here they are, back again.

The Dolly Girl Lipstick features an outer container which mirrors the kind of design we would expect from a Matrioshka (hope I didn't butcher that spelling...) doll. These come in shades like "Blue", "Red" and "Yellow" but the photos of the actual pigments are red, pink and an orangey-coral. The choice to name these after primary colors is a great idea, but ultimately it makes for a kind of confusing sales pitch. This was my one diatribe today. The only other complaints others had were either "the color does not last too long" or "it makes my lips dry". This is a very common complaint with any lipstick. Come on ladies! Bust out some Carmex. This is not your first rodeo! Don't waste your time with an expensive product like Fresh's Sugar balms. Those wear off faster than any product I have ever used and are useless in winter. I recommend going with a very generic brand like Chapstick. Save your money for Fresh's incredible lip glosses and, of course, for Anna Sui's adorable lipsticks.
It's a good thing Urban picked up Anna Sui brand. It's such a shame Anna Sui products aren't sold in Sephora or Ulta. Sad for me because I strongly dislike being forced to buy beauty products blind, without having seen them in stores. Sigh, I don't take myself too seriously, but lipstick, now that is serious business. Gosh I hope that sentiment doesn't bar me from the intellectual community.


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