Fall/Winter 2011: Desires

As much as I love Summer, I'm ready for Fall and Winter to start. In general I'd have to say that estas son mis estaciones favoritas! I basically like to be able to wear more clothing and thus experiment with more trends. This season I have an itch to try out unas modas de EspaƱa. Specifically, the gaucho pant and the lace skirt. Both of these trends are featured prominently in Latino and Spanish art from the 1600s to the 1800s as we can see from the Goya painting of the neurotic yet lovely Duchess of Alba and the photograph of the Gaucho from 1870. I'm also a huge fan of Diego Velasquez, who we can see not only had fabulous facial hair, but wore the traditional black and red court attire of Spain. While black, red, and white are probably used more frequently than any other colors for anyone's wardrobe here in America, they are rarely paired together unless the occasion is special enough to merit such striking contrasts. Think about it: the black tuxedo originated in Spain and is now mainly used for formal occasions: the red tie, now known as "the power tie", is worn mainly by CEOs and patrician politicians. If you wanted to really read into it, I suppose that you might say that the context in which all three colors are worn together has little changed since the days of the Spanish court: red, white and black are for the rich and famous. With all that said, It's not just the Spanish color palette that I would like to try out this season, but also the above mentioned attire. The lace skirt and gaucho pant are much more wearable for the average plebeian- and are not too in-your-face about being classy.
Exhibit 1 is a culotte (this is the equivalent of what we call the "gaucho") from ASOS. I love the taupe color because it can be worn with anything. A black shirt or brown boots would look fantastic with this piece. Needless to say, I will be ordering this gorgeous number with my next paycheck!
Exhibit 2 was just featured on Cherry Blossom Girl a few weeks ago. It is a black lace maxi skirt by Free People. Fear not, shoppers, because even though it is see-through there are lots of ways to wear this piece. Black tights could be interesting with this for Fall and you could definitely wear this with a black or nude slip. Unlike the gauchos- this skirt is not for the office, but is still a trend worthy of trying.


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