Fall Winter 2012

Baroque encapsulates this years Fall and Winter trends. Be on the look out of fleur-de-lis style prints, velvet everything as well as warm color palettes. Crosses are also HUGE this season ranging in everything from the completely minimalist to the ulta-baroque pearl encrusted magic that is Dolce and Gabbana. Be inspired by chunky floral prints and old-school European monarchs as you prepare for the first bits of fall color!



(shirt: Forever21, skirt: Topshop, flats: Steve Madden, adorable cup: Anthropologie, red lipstick: Mademoiselle by Izak Zenou for Sephora) I thought that since I don't often post a picture of myself on the blog that I would do it now. My husband-to-be took the first photo of me in the backyard of my parents home while we were hanging out! I'm excited that I get to start a new life with him and so I thought- why not start new posts? This is one of my favorite outfits because it's very comfy and versatile, and it's also very cute. Though orange, coral and color-blocking have been en vogue this season black and cream are always classy no? I also included a picture of the miscreant that I will be marrying in less than a month! He's bashful around cameras usually but very photogenic as you can see! The picture of him reading is rather unassuming: he loves to read and so we spent the rest of our afternoon in the bookstore reading magazines and books. He also has a preppy-chic thing happening all the time! If only all of us could be so effortless!


Spring Inspirations

This Spring I am inspired by Seberg, sailors and sweet prints. For those who are familiar with Seberg's work during the 1960s this should be an obvious source for fashion innovation. Undertaking challenging roles where she elided the saccharine innocence of the ingenue, she portrayed women whose strength belied their deep sense of vulnerability. There really is something to be said for a woman who can pull off a pixie: youth does not imply naivete or being defenseless. Her pixie cut was the inspiration for mine. By "sailors" I mean nautical prints and also, their corollary, peter pan collared shirts. And of course, cute prints! Seagulls, ice cream cones, owls and sailboats.