A Lovely Night In

My superhero husband is making us healthy breakfast burritos for the upcoming week as I sit on the couch watching the Red Carpet coverage on E! He is also chilling some champagne for us to enjoy while we enjoy the last night of our weekend. I find it difficult to pay attention to the awards show so I decided to blog a bit about my inspirations for the upcoming year and watch simultaneously.

 First of all, I promised a review a week ago of "Ladylike" by Essie. It is a greige shade with a mauve base and it really flattered my extremely pale skin. This color got me so many compliments at work, people just love it. It's a work appropriate color but one that does not at all feel too conservative. I highly recommend this as an ideal shade for the fall-winter season. Currently, this shade can be found at any Target store.


 The last look (below) was created with the Essie Growth Base Coat, one coat of Essie "Limo-Scene" and the new L'Oreal Nail Lingerie nail stickers. I absolutely adore this look and, lol, it made me feel like royalty. So far they have lasted two days, and I am hoping to get an entire week out of these babies! My birthday is coming up so I wanted to do something with my nails that was luxuriant but affordable. "Limo-Scene" by itself is an extremely wearable cream/nude shade. It is translucent and does require very smooth application to appear even but is totally worth a tiny bit of effort. A gorgeous shade for any day of the year and a perfect base for nail art.

This is yet another Prabal Gurung purchase that was made for me by family for my b-day. This shirt is eye catching. The chartreuse lace panel is really gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear this piece. I am still trying to decide when to wear the pieces I bought because I usually take a backpack into work and those just destroy delicate fabrics. But I digress... I may save them to wear the entire week of my birthday just for fun.


 Here are some of my inspirations for the upcoming year: 

 #1 Japanese prints. I love the blending of neutral colors with hints of bright shades. I also love the contrasts of multiple print styles within the same piece.

 #2 Beyonce. This Vogue photoshoot was particularly good and this was such a memorable shot from it. The floral pattern is stunning and really in right now in stores like ASOS, LULU's and Forever21.

  #3 Longline Blazers and Cardigans (Photo from the blog PinkHorrorShow). These are great for wearing with leggings and short skirts. They allow you to reveal some of your figure without putting too much out there. 

#4 Super Bright Colors that Pop- These make perfect accents with any outfit. I think we will be seeing a lot of very bright accessories this season. I actually purchased the Nine West bag (at right) on sale at Macy's and paired it with a completely neutral tone outfit with a belt of the same shade of Neon Pink.

Mental Vacation


Review: Prabal Gurung's kaleidoscopic colors

What to say about this collection.... There is so much to tell. Luckily it premiered very close to my birthday so I was able to locate several pieces on the morning of the collection's premier that my family offered to purchase. By 8:03am on the premier morning many of the Medium sized items were sold out and by Monday, over 60% of the collection was gone. This was a pretty knock-out venture, I have to say, and a GENIUS collaboration on the part of Target. Prabal's line is youthful, imaginative and modern, and bringing high-concept designs to the public for $40 per piece was just what was needed this spring. This collection even got me to try a new color which I have previously avoided: chartreuse (though it was called "sulfur" in the clothing descriptions, an unattractive term for such a beautiful hue of yellow). My only critique of the line was that it did not contain any work or temperature-appropriate bottoms: a black pant with a patterned side stripe would have been a great addition. Luckily, however, the pieces from the Lookbook on Target's website were true to reality, and really fun! The pieces that I bought were ones that I had been monitoring ever since FashionGoneRogue had an article on the line in early December. The Sleeveless top was true-to-size. I have to say, I was really struck by this piece when I first saw it (as you might have guessed I am just totally in love with this collection, no pun intended). The print is very bright and the colors are eye-catching. I don't know that this could be worn in an office without a jacket or black cardigan but it is certainly the perfect top for a night out. The dress only further convinced me that this line was a success. I have never had a good experience with a banded waist dress before because I am busty. But I have to say, this dress is flattering even to my hourglass figure. The lingering question in my mind is, can these pieces be worn in multiple seasons? I believe that at least for the top and dress I purchased it is a definite yes. Though bright color simply isn't done that often in winter, these are perfect for a transitional time between bleak winter and rainy spring. Black tights and pumps will go very well with the dress, and a black pencil skirt and the same accessories will accentuate the color of the sleeveless top. There are a few other pieces that I hope to share in the coming weeks as well. Yes, these will get positive reviews as well for the same reasons I detailed previously. I love that Target is collaborating with designers to make high-concept clothes that are affordable and flattering.

It's Raining



Mmm we had the strangest weekend in a long time here. Last night some little shenanigan-lovers decided it would be fun to play ding-dong-ditch with us. The first time was at 8pm. The second time was at 11:30, except this time they threw a large brick of asphalt at our door- denting it in two places. All this after we had a lovely Valentine's weekend. On top of that we overslept past our alarm to go to church this morning (we haven't slept past 9am in months!!!). Needless to say, a wacky weekend for us. My next blog post will probably be midweek as I have an exam right off the bat tomorrow! I will be reviewing a couple of pieces from the Prabal Gurung line at Target as well as a current favorite Essie nail color, "ladylike".


Last (Friday) Night

So I had a pretty baller day two days ago at work in the art history department. We had a very cool lecturer- Dr. David Doris from the University of Michigan- who had lunch with us grad students and then gave a lecture later in the evening on the Ogboni society and indexes of power. Though it was a fast-paced day where I had lots to do, it was somehow more interesting than the usual routine of going to the library or office to research. Dr. Doris was a truly intriguing person who spoke in a kind of oddly melodic prose that made most of what he said sound revelatory. I wish I could write like that. After the lecture was over I went out with my husband and his lab friends to a bar we have here close to campus. It was great, we had $2 beers and free pizza, what more can one ask for? Well, to top that off, when Drew and I got home we found a few little packages on our doorstep and I found that my mom and sis had sent me the Urban Decay Theodora palette from their OZ: the Great and Powerful promotional. Hooray!!!!! I was too excited to look at it last night so I saved my opening ceremonies until this afternoon. Okay, now it gets better. Not only did the Prabal Gurung collection premier today at Target, but my husband surprised me with these amazing earrings as a Valentine's gift. He said he couldn't wait to give them to me which was so cute! They have a kind of art-deco look with a pyramidal shape and a large grey stone at the bottom. I'm psyched to wear them out at some point- will I be too fancy for Free Pizza night?? Not. A. Chance. I didn't post a pic of them here, I realize that is a little weird, they are just very close to my heart because they're from my best friend and I didn't feel a photo could fully capture that.

Blue Velvet


Icons from Another Time

Betty Bright II

Yay! I finally feel better today- like 100% better which is lovely. So, I tried Betty Bright on and I love it!! It does settle into lips and needs a moisturizer as a base but other than that, the color payoff is worth it. Think of it as a more coral version of Great Pink Planet by LimeCrime, but one that will look slightly less artificial on skin with yellow undertones. The opacity of this color makes for smooth application with a silky finish and in just one coat. Betty Bright has renewed my faith in MAC lip products and I will definitely purchase from them again. I also included a little photo of my gel manicure- first time I have ever had one and it seems to last for just as long as acrylic. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied this gorgeous neon pink color in the color swatch basket at the salon. My awesome nail tech Susan kept joking about how bright it was- almost blinding under the UV drying lamp. The color goes very well with my pale, freckly skin. Neon nail polish made my Wednesday. : ) But tonight is going to be awesome because of the return of Community. I missed Troy & Abed so much!
"Troy & Abed in the Mooornin'!"


"How To Steal a Million"

MAC Betty Bright

So, I did something that I have not done in a while: I purchased a MAC product. I am not sure why I don't use more of their cosmetics to be honest but there aren't any MAC stores in my area. This collection caught my eye online: I read Makeupandbeautyblog as well as Temptalia on a weekly basis and both reviewed this product fairly positively. Additionally, as kids, my sister and I read Betty & Veronica comics (my sis still loves them!), so when this collection premiered I sort of couldn't restrain myself from participating in the awesome! And I must say, this lipstick doesn't disappoint. From what I've seen, it is the perfect Spring color for lips- bright coral with a satin-like finish. Sadly, I haven't been able to try it on yet because both my husband and I have a sinus thing going on and as a result, I look slightly undead. Hopefully tomorrow! Gaaaah so excited to try it on!



My hair ideas for 2013

Birthday Mix 1

LOTD: Color me Spring

Indiana is misbehaving once again: we got something like three to four inches of snow. Not bad, I know. But I am extremely over winter so I keep attempting to bring the Spring with my make-up choices. Today I chose three of my faves to post: Maybelline Vivids "Vivid Rose", Revlon Matte "Really Red" and LimeCrime "Great Pink Planet". Sorry about my dry hands and messy nails- I chalk these up to the joys of winter.
Here are another two I decided to add after miraculously finding them! LimeCrime "Poisonberry" makes me feel amazing whenever I put it on- it's a vibrant deep berry color with a slightly luminous finish. Lastly, Maybelline Vivids "Shocking Coral" is the perfect combination of neon orange and soft pink. The last picture is of a recent CoverGirl purchase: the perfect nude lipliner in "Seduction". This liner keeps everything in place- no feathering, no migrating- I cannot recommend this liner enough as it definitely could give Dior's liners a run for their money. I may not be the greatest photographer, but these products shine through : )