Betty Bright II

Yay! I finally feel better today- like 100% better which is lovely. So, I tried Betty Bright on and I love it!! It does settle into lips and needs a moisturizer as a base but other than that, the color payoff is worth it. Think of it as a more coral version of Great Pink Planet by LimeCrime, but one that will look slightly less artificial on skin with yellow undertones. The opacity of this color makes for smooth application with a silky finish and in just one coat. Betty Bright has renewed my faith in MAC lip products and I will definitely purchase from them again. I also included a little photo of my gel manicure- first time I have ever had one and it seems to last for just as long as acrylic. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied this gorgeous neon pink color in the color swatch basket at the salon. My awesome nail tech Susan kept joking about how bright it was- almost blinding under the UV drying lamp. The color goes very well with my pale, freckly skin. Neon nail polish made my Wednesday. : ) But tonight is going to be awesome because of the return of Community. I missed Troy & Abed so much!
"Troy & Abed in the Mooornin'!"

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