Last (Friday) Night

So I had a pretty baller day two days ago at work in the art history department. We had a very cool lecturer- Dr. David Doris from the University of Michigan- who had lunch with us grad students and then gave a lecture later in the evening on the Ogboni society and indexes of power. Though it was a fast-paced day where I had lots to do, it was somehow more interesting than the usual routine of going to the library or office to research. Dr. Doris was a truly intriguing person who spoke in a kind of oddly melodic prose that made most of what he said sound revelatory. I wish I could write like that. After the lecture was over I went out with my husband and his lab friends to a bar we have here close to campus. It was great, we had $2 beers and free pizza, what more can one ask for? Well, to top that off, when Drew and I got home we found a few little packages on our doorstep and I found that my mom and sis had sent me the Urban Decay Theodora palette from their OZ: the Great and Powerful promotional. Hooray!!!!! I was too excited to look at it last night so I saved my opening ceremonies until this afternoon. Okay, now it gets better. Not only did the Prabal Gurung collection premier today at Target, but my husband surprised me with these amazing earrings as a Valentine's gift. He said he couldn't wait to give them to me which was so cute! They have a kind of art-deco look with a pyramidal shape and a large grey stone at the bottom. I'm psyched to wear them out at some point- will I be too fancy for Free Pizza night?? Not. A. Chance. I didn't post a pic of them here, I realize that is a little weird, they are just very close to my heart because they're from my best friend and I didn't feel a photo could fully capture that.

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