LOTD: Color me Spring

Indiana is misbehaving once again: we got something like three to four inches of snow. Not bad, I know. But I am extremely over winter so I keep attempting to bring the Spring with my make-up choices. Today I chose three of my faves to post: Maybelline Vivids "Vivid Rose", Revlon Matte "Really Red" and LimeCrime "Great Pink Planet". Sorry about my dry hands and messy nails- I chalk these up to the joys of winter.
Here are another two I decided to add after miraculously finding them! LimeCrime "Poisonberry" makes me feel amazing whenever I put it on- it's a vibrant deep berry color with a slightly luminous finish. Lastly, Maybelline Vivids "Shocking Coral" is the perfect combination of neon orange and soft pink. The last picture is of a recent CoverGirl purchase: the perfect nude lipliner in "Seduction". This liner keeps everything in place- no feathering, no migrating- I cannot recommend this liner enough as it definitely could give Dior's liners a run for their money. I may not be the greatest photographer, but these products shine through : )

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