Review: Prabal Gurung's kaleidoscopic colors

What to say about this collection.... There is so much to tell. Luckily it premiered very close to my birthday so I was able to locate several pieces on the morning of the collection's premier that my family offered to purchase. By 8:03am on the premier morning many of the Medium sized items were sold out and by Monday, over 60% of the collection was gone. This was a pretty knock-out venture, I have to say, and a GENIUS collaboration on the part of Target. Prabal's line is youthful, imaginative and modern, and bringing high-concept designs to the public for $40 per piece was just what was needed this spring. This collection even got me to try a new color which I have previously avoided: chartreuse (though it was called "sulfur" in the clothing descriptions, an unattractive term for such a beautiful hue of yellow). My only critique of the line was that it did not contain any work or temperature-appropriate bottoms: a black pant with a patterned side stripe would have been a great addition. Luckily, however, the pieces from the Lookbook on Target's website were true to reality, and really fun! The pieces that I bought were ones that I had been monitoring ever since FashionGoneRogue had an article on the line in early December. The Sleeveless top was true-to-size. I have to say, I was really struck by this piece when I first saw it (as you might have guessed I am just totally in love with this collection, no pun intended). The print is very bright and the colors are eye-catching. I don't know that this could be worn in an office without a jacket or black cardigan but it is certainly the perfect top for a night out. The dress only further convinced me that this line was a success. I have never had a good experience with a banded waist dress before because I am busty. But I have to say, this dress is flattering even to my hourglass figure. The lingering question in my mind is, can these pieces be worn in multiple seasons? I believe that at least for the top and dress I purchased it is a definite yes. Though bright color simply isn't done that often in winter, these are perfect for a transitional time between bleak winter and rainy spring. Black tights and pumps will go very well with the dress, and a black pencil skirt and the same accessories will accentuate the color of the sleeveless top. There are a few other pieces that I hope to share in the coming weeks as well. Yes, these will get positive reviews as well for the same reasons I detailed previously. I love that Target is collaborating with designers to make high-concept clothes that are affordable and flattering.

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