Cheap Thrills

 The one day of the week I have had open so far for me time was yesterday morning. By "me-time" I mean early morning grocery shopping. I love getting groceries when stores aren't crowded and I can listen to music while I rush around checking items off of my list. I "accidentally" waltzed down the magazine aisle after grabbing some fresh milk and discovered that our Kroger carried my two favorite magazines in the entire world. So much for my grad student budget!! (jk... but seriously) "W" and "Nylon" are my choice reads whenever I get the chance to snag something to read about the latest trends and I really like that both of them have a more artistic focus than other style magazines. As you can see, Mags weren't the only treat for me yesterday, I bought a new nail polish from Maybelline's Color Show line in "Lustrous Lime". 

Unfortunately, I'm just starting to grow my nails out again after I had a bout with nail biting last week over all the things on my to-do list this month, so I won't be swatching the color in this post. I was asked by a friend today to talk a little about the staying power of the new Color Show line because Essie has collaborated with Maybelline to create the formula. From what I have seen already from Maybelline's line, the polishes last far longer than Revlon's Nail Enamels but shorter than most of the basic polishes in Essie's Nail Color collection. The amazing thing about Maybelline's line however, is just how brilliant these colors are. Even a short glance at the nail section at your local Target should tell you that no other brand has created a range of colors like this. And that is what will make the Color Show line a lasting choice for many nail polish addicts like myself. 

As you can see, I was having a little fun mixing and matching Lustrous Lime with some adorable, affordable bracelets from Forever21. I love the idea of mixing the jewel tones in the middle bracelet with the neon chartreuse colors of the outer two. The Deborah Lippmann polish at the right is a color my sister bought me for Christmas and it's named after my favorite Prince song "Let's Go Crazy" (here)

I just had to take three shots of this color so that you can see how dynamic and truly amazing it is. Let's Go Crazy is a deep, glossy purple with silver, red, blue, green and yellow glitter. It literally looks like a party inside Prince's house. I only have one swatched picture of this color right now and it isn't super great but I am going to post it anyway:

As you can see from my (hilariously bad) photo this color's depth is further enhanced by the glitter. After only one coat, my nail was glossy and had just the right amount of glitter distributed throughout the polish. As always, Deborah Lippmann hits it out of the park. This is a color I will treasure for a long time, as a present from my amazing sis and as a really exciting, yet feminine dark polish. If you are curious about the neon pink shade I am wearing, it is "Tip Your Waitress" by Spoiled by Wet n' Wild and can be found here.

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