Colors of the Year

The St. Patrick's day miracle boots have arrived and they are so much more beautiful than expected! As I mentioned on my Polyvore postings, these boots were purchased after I found some old, unused Macy's gift cards. As it turned out, I paid a mere $25 total for these boots. How insane is that? I was floored. And I had been checking the tracking number awaiting my Macy's treasure daily till they arrived today while I was studying for my exam tomorrow. A lovely surprise!

I had seen the oxford version of these on Alexa Chung a little over two weeks ago online (pictured above on the left). The oxfords in this particular color (Pewter) have sold out in US sizes 6, 7 and 8 online at Macy's probably due to the exposure they gained while the gorgeous Alexa Chung was being a hipster gamine in LA. They look really fantastic as a transitional staple for this time of year. I love how she paired them (at Left) with tights, a boyfriend sweater and denim cutoffs.


While I couldn't find those oxfords in my own size, I did find the boots and I am so happy I went with them instead. Aren't the gorgeous? They are so reflective I had to try to hide while I took photos in our somewhat messy (Symposium week for me, Test week for Drew), always homey apartment. 

You can even see my super pale arms at the bottom left boot there. Anyway, I am in love with these. I can see myself pairing them with jeans in a more casual way, with high-waisted shorts or with a cute flare skirt. I am so happy that I'll probably have these for many years to come.

Not only did I have great luck at Macy's, but I used my VIB discount and a few dollars leftover on a card to make some purchases from the beauty store par-excellance, Sephora. Drew and I saw Oz the Great and Powerful last weekend and were very disappointed- it was quite the bombastic failure. But the sets, costumes, Rachel Weisz and the color emerald have been a constant source of inspiration ever since.

Sephora's "Color of the Year" line has been reviewed here and here and on many other fashion blogs. I made sure to check these reviews before purchasing as I had seen some poor product reviews from this line on Musings of a Muse and on the Sephora website itself. Specifically, these reviews reacted negatively to the Colorbyte Lip Wands and the Color Code Prismatic Eye shadow Block. As you can see, I did not purchase either of those and went with something that is generally considered to be the best piece in the line: the Color Cube Lid Stain. Now I have not opened this product yet, I will in the next couple of days, but I am enjoying how it looks in the packaging right now. VanityRouge has great swatches of this product so I would definitely have a look at those. This is a gorgeous emerald hue with a metallic sheen and is extremely creamy. If you've already purchased it, but like me have not tried it out, be very careful dipping fingers or liner brushes in as this formula is extremely soft, water resistant and just a tiny pinch of it goes a long way. I look forward to lining my eyes with it in the upcoming weeks and I will post those photos!



My sister and I had a long conversation about this line this afternoon. My sister was very curious why so many of the products have not been reviewed well. I think it could be the fact that this line was over-marketed and raised customers' hopes higher than was necessary to sell the line. The fact of the matter is that there are some knock-out products but there are also quite a few big misses due to quality issues. The packaging and product descriptions seem to suggest that these products were targeted at young women living in large metropolitan areas. Yet the colors in the lipgloss set have been universally touted by young reviewers as unflattering and difficult to use because of their design. And the cream eye shadow has one critical flaw that women have known about for years: creasing! Well, here is my two cents. The Lipglosses are indeed a bust and were really a missed opportunity to create memorable yet wearable lipcolors yet again by Pantone. 

Finally, the cream shadow block needs to be used with a primer or as a base shadow primer. If you aren't using an eye shadow primer already in your make up routine I highly suggest it. They bolster the staying power of your eye shadow and some even have anti-aging properties. Primer for face and eyes is a must!! I would only use the cream shadow as a primer if my top colors were dark greens as well. 

Now onto something I did actually swatch...

 Yes, my obsession with a range of corals and peach lip color continues! I also purchased OCC Cosmetics' Lip Tar in "Divine". 



As you can see it is a gorgeous opaque shade of light coral similar to MAC's "Betty Bright". I've been noticing how drying OCC's products are and I cannot recommend enough that you put chapstick on before applying these. That said, what you exchange for moisture you get back in color payoff and staying power. The colors from this line are truly sensational and will stay on your lips for at least one hour before wearing off.

I cannot wait till the sun comes out and the snow melts away so that I can wear "Divine" as my new summer shade of choice.

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