April Showers

Today we are awaiting some pretty heavy storms and apparently the weather is a little strange everywhere. It is supposed to rain here for the next three days so my amazing Dr. Martens boots are getting broken in really quickly.
Oddly enough, this is also the first week I've actually worn summery clothes- even wearing shorts as I went out to grab groceries with Drew over the weekend. Last Friday, Drew was very busy with a visit weekend for potential students which is very exciting. Sadly for me, this meant I only really got to see him on Sunday really. Knowing that he would be away and that I needed a night out, on Friday night I set out for a grand adventure in Indianapolis which is quite a bit of a drive from where we are. Though I won't lie and say that the nearly two hour commute wasn't lonely, I will say that I had fun just striking off for myself and doing something spontaneous. It was kind of thrilling in a banal way!

My first stop at the mall in Indy was Gap, of course. I love preppy colorful clothes just as much as I love Star Wars tee shirts and high waist hipster jeans! And I was definitely there at the right time. I've gotten extremely lucky with sales of late. I have wanted this Harbor Jersey Striped Pocket top from Gap (here) ever since it came out around a month ago for around $30. I got it for $12! I love clothing with pockets and I feel like so many stores are noticing that this trend is very important to working women. And yet, many stores are finding ways to integrate pockets into shirts and dresses in a way that doesn't look to overall-y (you know what I mean!). The fit of this top in a size Small is fantastic even on my busty figure. I cannot wait to pair it with white trousers or pink shorts. This Gap 30% sale made new spring clothes very affordable!

My last stop (yes I only went to like two stores but it was worth it!!) was the MAC Cosmetics store. Speaking of sea faring prints and bold colors, MAC Cosmetics released their fashion sets on April 4th and of course, they had virtually no stock online the day of and the day after. I actually had to call a store to see if they had them in and, luckily, the amazing ladies of MAC told me what was in stock. This was another incentive for me to embark on a beauty mission. Sigh... the woes of a beauty writer! First world problems, I know. But it was totally worth it. The lipstick and gloss in "Silly" are fantastic, mainly because of the color payoff. I wore the matte lipstick today and noticed that it definitely required an undercoat of lip balm to prevent it from settling in lip lines. Other than that, the color is brilliant. I plan on trying it out with the gloss over it on the weekend.

As you can see, I also purchased the eye shadow in "Heroine". I cannot wait to wear it! The blue is half way between a cobalt and a periwinkle and looks very cool simply based off of the commercials. It's tricky to make shadows like this wearable in a professional environment so I will likely also try this one on during the weekend. Oooh! My first eyeshadow review! This should be fun....

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