My sister sent me a lipstick to try from Birchbox! It just arrived today and the formula is wonderfully silky. What a great addition to my red lipstick collection! 


Going out look!

Lips- l'oreal rouge caresse in "coral          
Face- fresh lotus anti-aging cream
        - NYX yellow dark spot concealer
        - NYX HD concealer 
        - Maybelline Matte Bronzer
        - NARS highlighter in pink
Eyes- urban decay pencils in copper and 
       - Tarte waterproof mascara

Rumble in the Jungle

I am so excited today to have something really new and interesting to post about!! There is a trend that has been cropping up this summer for jungle or animal themed pieces and it's my new "thing". I've been really interested in the color green and all of its possibilities this year. So today's post is a combination of both of those trends I have been following.

First things first, I've made a few discoveries as to where I buy jewelry from lately. I am really loving JewelMint right now. The earrings you see above are from their website and they are even more gorgeous in person. When I lost one of them last week I was devastated  because I think these are such a different and interesting take on the hoop earring and the fish-hook. Luckily, my superhero husband found my lost earring and now I have my set. Jewel Mint always has these really cool, slightly modern, designer looking pieces. Although I am not a fan of subscription sites in general, they are amazing, you can actually opt out of paying a monthly fee if you don't see anything you like that month.

Additionally, I stopped at Charming Charlie recently and was pleasantly surprised with just how much adorable stuff was there. They seem to really be on trend which is fantastic, because I know I can go there and find something that I would have to pay $2,000  for at CELINE . Part of the danger of this animal jewelry trend is how cheap some of the items look. There are a lot of stores making pieces that just simply do not have the kind of weight, shadow and texture that this necklace has. 

I love that I have been able to build a set from two completely different accessories retailers. The green really pops in both of these and I think this might be what I'll wear to a dressy dinner.

Second of all, I found the most amazing pair of boots a while ago and I recently took the jump to buy them. I know, "boots in summer?" you say! But here's the thing, I think Shelly's of London may have provided an answer to that every strange question "can I wear boots in hot weather?"

 After I received them in the mail this morning I decided, I should blog about these. My sister told me these were super-hipster and I kind of agree. But in a fun way...right buddy?

They have this really cool jungle fabric print where the main color palette is blue, teal, green and read. The print has parrots and jungle leaves throughout, so naturally I am excited as I looooove birds. Look ma I can wear birds on my shoes! Wow... childhood regression...

I am going to put together an outfit this week to wear with these, which will kind of be a challenge right? I bought them on ModCloth.com and they did have one photo of someone who had found a great way to integrate these into her casual look: 

I like the idea of wearing something fairly pared down with such a vibrant pair of shoes. She's super pale like me (thank you ModCloth!) which is great because I think these will wear well with a pair of shorts.

So that's my fashion challenge for the upcoming week. Come up with an outfit that can be worn in summer with these fabulous jungle booties!


Pacifica natural minerals Eye Shadows

So, it's been a little while since I posted an actual review here thanks to some exciting family events and to my working two jobs for the past month and a half! It's been a busy but amazing time. Happily I am back again to review a product that is the equivalent of your softest tee shirt or coziest slippers, only it's eye shadow.

This is the first quad from the vegan, cruelty free brand which is pretty exciting! Skinny Dip (the lightest shade at left) is a light nude perfect for highlighting brows and maybe even cheekbones. Coral sand (the pink shade) is fantastic for highlighting blue eyes. Golden and Urchin, the last two colors, have a slightly better color payoff and are perfect to wear night or day. 

Currently I am wearing Coral Sand and Urchin. As you can see, these are not your go-to opaque color shadows. Rather, they offer a fantastic everyday look that I just don't see a parallel to in most drugstore brands like Covergirl, Maybelline and Revlon. These shadows are extremely soft and easy to apply, thanks to the key ingredient coconut water and additionally, they seem to wear for quite a long time even without my usual Too Faced Shadow Insurance. These feel like I'm walking on the beach barefooted and the sun is warm and I have a delicious iced tea in one hand. I know- daydreaming of the beach- these shadows will make you do that. Currently this palette is on sale at Target for $10.79 instead of $12.00. As these will make up my daily casual make up look this summer I think they are totally worth it!